JVR Software Services

Web development / Cloud Computing.
Your Websites are developed according to your needs. Most websites today aren’t just a show or shop anymore, but online solutions for growing industries.

Your business might already have a website, but trapped in the set world of wordpress or joomla… You’re being herded into a group by the big boys of the internet, and need specialized services and advice.

What JVR Software does is break you out of the trap and set your business free with proper online solutions and real cloud computing.

Desktop Solutions / Online Integrations
Your software controls your crucial data, and most systems merely allows for cloud backups. With our services you can reprocess and compute your data with an online application.

Most online applications are equipped with the latest API technology and with the correct application in place, you can utilize your data with these services, for example sending your contact information to mailchimp and adding them to specific mailing lists.

We work closely with the client from the very beginning of the project, through requirements gathering, development, testing and delivery.

Businesses custom build software for a variety of reasons. Every business is different. Custom software enables businesses to craft solutions around their workflows, thus driving efficiency, lowering workforce efforts and positively affecting the bottom line.

Off-the-shelf software tries hard to make every client fit into their mold. Custom software development helps businesses realize their unique models via digital solutions as opposed to using off-the-shelf software that never quite fits.

The software industry wants you to think custom software is out of reach. They may say it’s too expensive, costs too much to maintain, or is just out of your league. Fact is, over time, custom software is a better investment:

  • Off-the-shelf software means continuous license fees and unpredictability.
  • ROI can be achieved by streamlining business processes.
  • Custom software can last for many years and fly under the radar of popular security vulnerabilities.
  • Custom software is an asset which adds value to your organization.