Why custom software is better!

Every Business, whether it may be small or large use software daily. Some of them come for free and handle primary responsibilities like a website. Other software are more expensive which can handle complex tasks like accounting, project management or employee timekeeping. Businesses like to benefit from developing their custom software to satisfy their needs in particular, reporting and dashboards. This helps them monitor business performance in a quick and calculated manner.

Custom software which is also known as bespoke software is used to meet the specific and desired goal-oriented service. Employing bespoke software can give your business a strategic advantage and revolutionize your ways of working to become more productive and effective. Every business has their requirements, and it is challenging to solve multiple tasks in one product. So, developing custom software is better, which makes the process measurable. Software is made to suit the company’s needs and requirements.

Custom software is developed to be more flexible. This is the right choice for businesses. It provides numerous benefits beyond what the off-the-shelf software provides. It has its advantages in areas of integration, maintenance, and scalability.

Your custom software has an exceptional foundation which is built for the continuous progress of your business.

The benefit of custom software is, providing solutions for functionalities which isn’t available in off-the-shelf software. Taking a more in-depth look into business, these benefits can be divided even further as below.

  1. Adaptability to business
  2. Tailor-made solutions
  3. Safe and secured software
  4. Use in Large Business
  5. Challenges for small and medium size business
  6. More scalable Software
  7. Easier Integration into existing systems
  8. Easier Automation for daily tasks
  9. Unmatched Support for your software
  10. Maintenance and Risk factor of your software

Adaptability to Business

Custom software is a new trend among small businesses. JVR Software can build any type of tailor-made application on request. Custom software is flexible and adaptable, which meets your business’ current and future business requirements. Your business can install and run different programs to achieve organizational tasks. JVR Software develops a cross-platform software, allowing these programs to integrate.

Tailor-made solutions

Bespoke software is the latest trend among small businesses. It is mainly made for the business, keeping-in-mind particular functionalities. It offers several services which off-the-shelf software does not cater for. Custom software is not just the combination of some common functionalities, it is the development of a software application to get a strategic advantage and revolutionize your ways of working to become more productive and effective. It is generally developed to fulfill specific requirements of clients which serves the particular business needs.

Safe and secured software

Using standard software is risky because known vulnerabilities could expose your data, or lead to data loss. Off-the-shelf software companies may take some time to fix these, leaving you out in the cold till then.

Knowing what the software does to your data, gives you the peace of mind that you have control over it.

Use in Large Business

Custom software is used to streamline the business information from one source. The adoption of custom software is growing in large business enterprises. They use this software for many functionalities such as inventory management,  customer management, human resource management and content management. Most of the applications such as CRM, ERP software is developed custom software. This is helpful in practical integration across chief systems enables smooth recovery of data for facilitating compliance, data analytics, and other programs.

Challenges for small and medium size business

For all the advantages, which custom software provides it is bit costly. There are even delays in getting and running the custom software, of course not a universal rule. There are instances where the business pays more for unnecessary functionalities. With IVR software, your business pays only for useful technology up to the size they need.

Custom software saves money by securing improved business performance in the long term. Though there is off-the-shelf software with a lower price, investing in a custom application can reap rewards on a continuous basis. Custom software which is fully optimized can do the things in a better manner than the off-the-shelf application.

More scalable software

Custom software is more scalable than ready-made applications. Your custom-made application is developed on a long-term basis, growing with your business. We can conveniently scale this software to meet the business requirements.

Easier Integration into existing systems

Every department in the business has different operations in isolation. Very often, the applications used by one group of departments have to be integrated with other departments. For instance, integration of accounting and the order clerks to make sure of fair payments of variable compensations. Custom software makes integration and provides an easy solution which makes it easier.

Easier Automation for daily tasks

When the development begins, JVR software will learn more about the workflows which is required by the respective teams. The understanding of your business processes can add to the creation of workflows and create automated opportunities. This automation will not be available in the off-the-shelf software, and can make daily tasks faster and efficient.

Unmatched Support for your software

There is always a technical support plan in place, which is a significant benefit from a custom application. Your business can have access to a support team who is involved in the process of development. All the issues can be solved fast and efficiently.

Maintenance and Risk factor

With off-the-shelf software, businesses generally depend on the developer from where the software is purchased. But custom software provide you code to be continued with another developer.  For example; In case of off-the-shelf software, the developer goes bankrupt the businesses may get affected. This may lead to a change of entire processes. The risk factor is more, but the custom software ensures that the business is safe.


Custom software is the best solution. The custom application works efficiently and can provide solutions to every business requirement. There is always a development team to support an maintain. Your business can get professionals involved.