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Work From Home

With the sharp rise in unemployment in South Africa, due to the pandemic, We searched and found you a number of ways to earn money online. Working from home is easy and effortless, and there are many ways. With some of the options, you need to do a couple of surveys, but keep in mnd, you earn real money doing them. Earning in US Dollars is now very prosperous, since the rand is at an all time low compared to the US Currency.

Why does your business waste money on software it does not use?

Many businesses are buying and renewing their licensing agreements from international vendors without ever using them.

This leads one to question why they would continue to do so….
What are they winning on the deal and why are they wasting their business’ money?

Most of the time, the key decision makers are set on finding the best deals more than the best solutions. This could lead to business adapting and adopting the processes set by the software they purchased, and no longer by the business requirements.

Often, the practical implications makes the software processes obsolete, and business finds a more practical way of handling the problems, sidelining the software.